"Hi Martin - I wanted to let you know how much you were appreciated by our group on our trip through Ireland. I count it as a big blessing that I found you through the internet. It is a unanimous consensus that you were the perfect person to transport us along those ancient highways. Such courage in spending two weeks in a van with eleven women! The story is told over and over about how gallant you were in saving that fairy tree from the misery of the metal can in her branches. Your fearlessness as a driver and persistence in finding the hidden treasures we wanted to see was much commented on and appreciated. You went out of your way to find the Fairy Mound in Westport and the quartz stone at Knockraheen Circle, to name a couple. You met all our requests in finding the perfect accommodations. Your music, story telling and knowledge of history expanded our experience of Ireland. We still laugh about the hilarity of you trying to teach us how to play the tin whistle. We always felt safe and protected in your care. Thank you again for helping to make our journey through Ireland so memorable. In Peace, Sharon Aszmus and Fellow Travelers"

Sharon Aszmus
Sacred Tour, September 2010

Dear Martin,
Thank you so much for putting up with us for the past two weeks. You gave us so much information so we can bring it back to the States. You were always funny and never failed to make us smile. Keep being the person that you are! You are so entertaining. You are so good at your job. Never forget us.

Tiffany Murphy
Boston, MA, USA

Dear Martin here 10 things we liked about you. #1 your intellect. #2 your smile. #3 your sense of humor. #4 your luxurious bus. #5 your keen sense of direction. #6 your famous friends and stories. #7 your kindness and flexability. #8 your strenght. #9 your driving ability and #10 your passion for Ireland.

Mike and Amy
Putnam, CT, USA

I cannot thank you enough for making my Ireland experience as enjoyable as it was. Your cheery attitude and great sense of humor made it easier to be more personable and get the true side of Ireland. We greatly appreciate how much you went above and beyond to be certain that we got to do everything! So thank you again, I look forward to our golf tour too.

North Carolina, USA

What a trip. The boys and me are still in a state of disbelief that we experenced such magic with each other and with our dad all last week. You played a large role in that. Your professionalism and friendliness was beyond what we could've imagined. The knowledge of your history and of the land and areas of interest was remarkable. Thanks so much for everything.

Sean Moran
Executive Vice President,MTV, USA