Legend has it that the Romans never quite discovered Ireland. Gazing at our fair isle from a hill in Wales and seeing the gleaming white hills of County Wicklow, they chose to believe that Ireland lay under a permanent blanket of snow, so they named it Hibernia, the land of constant winter, and never troubled themselves to visit us. They were mistaken, of course, but what a mistake! Ireland is a land of discovery – it’s so many things to so many people. Everyone has their own favourite corner and their own treasures to discover, and no, we’re not talking about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

It’s our mission to help you to explore the Ireland of your dreams or the Ireland of your heritage. Our custom and themed vacations mean that you can discover Ireland in many different ways. Follow our sacred tours and walk in the footsteps of the druids, trace ancestral roots or find adventure in the most unlikely of breathtaking locations. Talk to us about what you want and we’ll make it happen – it really is that simple. Come in a family group to spend time together, a group of friends for a fun holiday or with work colleagues to celebrate or take time out. Whatever your quest, Ireland has the answers.

At Private Tours Ireland, we just do what we’re good at – designing a truly personal Irish experience for you and guiding you on that path. We know the best destinations and the most welcoming accommodations so that you can enjoy your Irish vacation your way.