PRIVATE TOURS IRELAND COVID-19 chauffeur & guest information

The health and safety of our chauffeurs and guests is our top priority, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are implementing a number of additional measures:


All chauffeurs have been provided with training on safety, sanitation and physical distancing protocols.

Every chauffeur will wash their hands at every opportunity, in particular before guest interaction. Hand sanitiser gel will be provided in each vehicle for chauffeurs and guests.

Chauffeurs will refrain from shaking hands with guests and will maintain distance between guests when walking to and from vehicles/sites/hotels etc.

Chauffeurs will offer to assist with guest’s luggage, but will only touch and assist with luggage after guests agree to do so.


All vehicles will include a box of tissues, disposable rubber gloves, disposable face masks and hand sanitiser for guests. These are recommended to be used but at the discretion of guests.

All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected by chauffeurs at every opportunity. This will include steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake, door and door handles, seats (including backs of seats and headrests), and any surfaces touched by guests.

Sanitising wipes will be provided if guests wish to wipe down certain surfaces themselves.

All guests will be asked to sit in the back of the vehicle and leave the front seat beside the chauffeur vacant to ensure additional space between chauffeur and guests.

Larger vehicles will be prioritised where possible to provide additional space in the vehicle for guests and chauffeurs. There will not be an additional charge for the upgraded vehicle.

All vehicles undergo a deep clean every night.

COVID-19 Safety Charter

Private Tours Ireland has received Failte Ireland’s COVID-19 Safety Charter.

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. As Ireland re-opens and we begin enjoying and exploring our country again, guests and customers need to know they’re safe. By signing up to COVID-19 Safety Charter, Irish tourism and hospitality businesses will reassure their customers that the right protocols have been followed.

Wherever customers see the COVID-19 Safety Charter logo, they’ll know that recommended safety and cleaning guidelines are being adhered to and that staff members have completed essential hygiene and safety control training.


Guests are asked to bring their personal hand sanitiser and face mask. Guests must adhere to the drivers safety instructions. 

For the safety of Guests Private Tours Ireland has invested in the latest Ozone Cleaning Generator for deep cleaning the vehicle before each tour,  Here is some information about Ozone cleaning. 


  • Oxygen enters the Ozone machine
  • Ambient oxygen is transformed into ozone and delivered
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses thanks to its oxidizing properties
  • Cleans the room air which becomes healthy and clean


• It’s a fast and effective treatment

• It’s ecological and natural

• It leaves no toxic residues

• It’s innovative

• Use only the oxygen in the ambient air

• It does not release polluting agents

  • It does not require additives or chemical detergents


  • Schools
  • medical centres
  • clinics
  • pharmacies
  • apartments
  • nursing homes
  • hotels
  • food courts