Why Choose Ireland ?

Ireland is a small country with many accents and even more sporting rivalries! With Private Tours Ireland, you don’t just get the view of the locals from the bus – we want you to experience our people, our culture, our food and our fun. Irish people like nothing more than a welcome visitor to entertain. We make sure you have ample opportunity to meet people and share stories so that you take home with you much more than photos.

Why Choose Private Tours Ireland?

We deliver what we promise – a truly special Irish experience. Whichever option you choose, our tours are about discovery – new frontiers, new food, new music, new adventures, new friends.

We make it all about you! If you want something that’s more specific or more centred on a particular aspect of Irish life and culture, we’re happy to oblige. Private Tours Ireland offers an impressive variety of specialized tours, from high-octane adventure tours to complete immersion in Irish traditional folk music. Rest assured that we can accommodate your wildest dreams.

We have vast experience, wild enthusiasm and great love for the Emerald Isle! We know how truly wonderful Ireland is and we’d like to share that with you.